“ I Just wanted to say a big thank you for your training and support in our Primary Care Development Workshops this year. Reflecting on the year this was one of the major highlights for me. It instilled resilience, empowerment and confidence in myself. Thank you for your vision and support. I have now gone on to apply for a PCN CD role and taking a lead in our practice development.”

Dr Bhatti GP Partner Gants Hill Medical Centre

“Janice’s contribution to both Brand’s growth and the transformation needed to kickstart that growth has been extraordinary. From day one, my experience of working with Janice has been on a very collaborative basis. Initially we spent a lot of time in conversation which flowed naturally, yet during which it is clear the questions she asked and the time she took to listen furnished her with the necessary information to really get under the skin of the business, its issues, and what needed to be done to remedy them and push on to the next stage of our growth.”

Steve Mann – Owner

“On the recommendation of Herts and Beds LMC, I contacted Janice to help us reorganise the leadership of our practice following many changes. She worked extensively with the partners, leading away days and sessions and met with many members of the practice team to understand the organisation. Motivational Maps were successfully and interesting used as a tool in this process.

Janice was transformative in equipping us for the future, achieving far more than we expected. We now find ourselves in a very significantly better place after working extensively with Janice and then putting her suggestions into practice.

I can wholehearted recommend Janice. Her skilful consulting work with us has had enormous benefits to the direction and future of our practice.”

Dr Ruth Williams – GP Partner

“Working with Janice has enabled me to enhance my communication skills and become more strategic and adaptable in my approach. Janice has given me the tools to more confidently respond to challenging situations and made me more aware of company strategy and how I can manage my team with this in mind. Having these additional tools available to me has been very empowering and enhanced how I manage and mentor others.”

Seánín McCluskey – Group Leader

“Acteon has grown by more than 35% in the last 24 months (from 29 to 40 employees), and we began working with Janice to help us keep Acteon a place where people can flourish while delivering outstanding results for our customers. We asked Janice to help us develop new leaders within the firm as well as facilitate sessions for and coach our 6-person partner team as it dealt with important strategic responsibilities.

Janice worked hard to get to know what was important to us, both culturally and commercially, and helped us see opportunities for improvement. She ran one-to-one discovery interviews, facilitated priority-setting meetings, coached individuals and groups in addressing those priorities, and coached the company’s leadership team.

We are delighted with the return on investment from the work done with Steed Consulting. We have been able, to focus and develop our strategy, increase the leadership and initiative throughout the company, and grow, in size, efficiency and effectiveness without losing our inherent non-hierarchical culture.”

Matthew Borg – Joint Managing Partner

It was a real privilege to attend the BLMK Business Fundamentals Course which you ran with such skill and empathy. I learned a great deal, increased my own personal resilience and have found a new network of colleagues with whom I hope to remain in contact.

Jane Hartree – Senior Partner

“I found the sessions with you extremely helpful and especially valuable to keep sane and balance life as a whole. It helped me to separate emotions from work, focus on the strategies of the Trust and encourage better service provision within the department.”

Carin Swanevelder – Clinical Lead Anesthetics

‘’Following the work you have done with myself and the division I have now gained confidence in myself and my leadership. I understand how to work with others to delegate and influence and the General Surgical Service is in a much better place for the future’’

Sue Deakin – Clinical Director Surgical Division

“I have known Janice for over ten years, both as a client and as a service provider. She has the deepest level of integrity and is extremely professional. She is an excellent facilitator, team builder and personal coach. I have no hesitation in recommending her and hope that she will continue to work with Optimity Advisors in the coming years”.

Jacque Mallender – Partner

‘’I have worked with Janice since the very early development of Suffolk’s Well-being Board in early 2011. Her contribution has been enormously valuable, to the extent that we commissioned additional support from Janice for the Board’s meetings and strategy development. Her facilitation skills have been most notable. She designed and facilitated several stakeholder events (of between 80 – 150 political, clinical, public, voluntary and academic sector stakeholders) which were very well received from by those attending together with a number of Board meetings, including the first annual review Board meeting. Her facilitation style is very effective in ensuring inclusiveness whilst remaining on topic. As a result of the Board meetings and strategy development Janice facilitated, we were able to complete significant amounts of work within a tight timescale and have enabled the Board to progress in terms of agenda, partnership and relationship building.

In addition to Janice’s facilitation skills, we have benefited from her networks, insight and understanding of policy, particularly, her ability to engage people of different backgrounds, which has contributed to the positive relationships and attitude that has prevailed during the Board’s development and delivery of shared strategies across partners.’’

Caroline Davison – Senior Policy Lead Suffolk County Council

‘’Janice has an approach to her work as a coach/facilitator that is open supportive and empowering, built on positive challenge and reflection. She has a wealth of experience in the NHS and is gifted in helping people breakthrough difficult situations with poise and confidence.’’

Ana SelbyDirector of Workforce Transformation NHS South East London

‘’Many thanks for your coaching the last few months. I found it both very enjoyable and very helpful, which is a great combination. Entering into it I was not convinced of either, so this is a ringing endorsement!’’

James Price – Consultant Physician & Clinical Director (Emergency
Medicine and Therapies), Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

‘’Janice is highly accomplished as a leader within the health and social care sector, as well as in the development of leadership qualities within public and third sector organisations. She is passionate and focused on working alongside leaders to develop their skills so that they are better able to deliver improved public services. She is insightful, intuitive and brings her long-standing expertise and experience to support senior teams in resolving challenging and difficult issues successfully.’’

Elaine France – Project Director Local Partnerships

’’Thank you for a very comprehensive report. I particularly appreciated all the stakeholder interviews that you undertook before the event which completely shaped the day and the way forward for the Women and Children’s Care Design Group as part of the 5-year strategy. You have been pivotal in shaping this work so thank you.’’

Jill Houghton Director of Nursing and Quality and Strategy Lead for
Women and Children’s Services Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG

“Janice Steed is my Coach Supervisor. Whilst I knew that supervision was an important, even essential, part of being a great Coach, Janice has proved that to me in spades. As I was relatively new to executive coaching when Janice and I got together, she has supported me to achieve my potential and to stay on track with some of my more challenging assignments. She helps me to notice myself, process those observations and to realise my strengths in the coaching space, all in the best service to our clients. I am always learning and always growing with Janice, thank you!!”

Liz Mercer – Director

“Kidney Research UK is in a period of change and growth. We have had several successful years, and have created a new and very ambitious strategy to ensure we improve the prospects for kidney patients across the country. We need to support the continuous development of the entire team, and Janice has been invaluable in helping us do this.

Working with me and the Senior Team, she has helped us analyse the key challenges around the changes we are making, and also identify the opportunities where change will have the greatest impact. Her instinctive approach and clarity of thinking has helped us move forward much more swiftly than we had anticipated. As a Chief Executive in a vibrant and ambitious organisation, it is great to have a real sense of support from someone with Janice’s experience and skills to help steer my focus.

From our first meeting, I knew she would be great to work with, and as she has got to know and work with the broader team, that opinion has been underlined.

The ultimate beneficiary of her support for the charity will be thousands of patients whose lives will be improved by our research.”

Sandra Currie – Chief Executive Kidney Research UK

“I just wanted to say a personal thank you for all your work on the Business fundamentals programme. It’s been a fantastic course and it has been great to see the transformation of so many of those who have participated. Your hard work, insights and flexibility have been invaluable throughout.”

Michael Harrison – Joint Chief Executive Beds and Herts Local Medical Committee

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