Janice understands how to help experts, entrepreneurs or partnerships relate to different audiences, lead and develop their organisations to maximise collective potential, without beaurocratic hierarchy.

  • Leadership or partnership team development including strategy planning and delivery
  • Motivational Map assessment and organisational development planning, including non-hierarchical forms of structure such as Holacracy and bespoke development programmes
  • Coaching, team and cross team working development

“Janice worked hard to get to know what was important to us, both culturally and commercially, and helped us see opportunities for improvement. She ran one-to-one discovery interviews, facilitated priority-setting meetings, coached individuals and groups in addressing those priorities, and coached the company’s leadership team. We are delighted with the return on investment from the work done with Steed Consulting. We have been able, to focus and develop our strategy, increase the leadership and initiative throughout the company, and grow, in size, efficiency and effectiveness without losing our inherent non-hierarchical culture.‘’

Matthew Borg – Joint Managing Partner Acteon Communication and Learning

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