Sustainability in General Practice (Part 1)

I am pleased to provide a link to the first of two podcasts in which I talk to Ben Gowland about the work I have recently been involved in around resilience with GPs and Primary Care. I have worked closely with GPs and Primary Care throughout my whole professional life, most closely in the last couple of years. The GP practice and Primary Care services are the foundation stone of our NHS and we have seen that in sharp focus during the recent COVID outbreak, with unprecedented challenges and change in what may have been perceived, though untrue, to be…

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Reflections from past month being involved in NHS COVID-19 planning in the East of England

I have, like many others, had a very interesting time over the past 6 weeks, since we went into ‘Lock Down’. The week of 23rd March started with all my work coming to a complete stop and my husband having to come to terms with his gradual reduction of working hours as he approaches retirement, having to go on hold as we re-assessed our financial position. Our son, who had been planning to study flat out and sit A-Levels followed by a jammed packed end of year and his time at school, coming to a sharp end, unable to complete…

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